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McMasters' is a multi-disciplinary practice specializing in doctors, dentists, other professional persons, self-managed superannuation funds and high net worth individuals. Our head office is located at 71 Tulip Street Cheltenham, Victoria and we visit other states by arrangement on a regular basis.

McMasters' Accounting, Financial Planning and Legal

McMasters has more than 80 well trained and qualified staff including accountants, psychologists, solicitors, training consultants, management consultants, financial planners, real estate agents and property consultants. We bring a wide range of skills to our client's financial affairs and work hard to make sure each client grows their practice and investments as fast, as efficiently and as safely as possible.

McMasters' also provides diploma level training to doctors, dentists, practice managers and administration staff: Our extensive and intensive study materials also work as the most detailed practice management manual in Australia. This website puts more than 4,000 pages of technical material at our clients' fingertips, including specialised guides on all aspects of running a medical or dental practice, a huge aggregation of practice management materials provided on the internet and, of course, the extensive study materials, and specialised readings, themselves. We recommend you visit this site now, and click on to and see just how much information we provide to our clients and students.

You can learn more about how we help our medical and dental clients by clicking on the boxes to the right and left of the screen. You can also read one of the Doctors' Guide series of publications by clicking on the McMasters Guide for Doctors box on the left hand side of the screen. The Doctors' Guide series of publications covers taxation, superannuation, business issues, how to start a practice, service entities, financial planning and investments. They comprise a unique collection of relevant and practical materials for any one in professional practice, not just doctors and dentists, and we add to them constantly.

McMasters acts as accountants, solicitors or financial planners for more than 2,000 doctors and dentists and have a huge reservoir of technical expertise and practical experience dealing with these clients. We also act for more than 1,000 self-managed superannuation funds, making us one of the largest SMSF accounting firms in Australia. Our medical clients range from large corporate groups to the smallest part time practices. Each doctor or dentist receives exactly the same care and attention: size is not an issue with McMasters.

McMasters does not accept commissions from any source under any circumstances. This maximises our clients' trust and confidence that our advice is in their interests and there are no hidden relationships influencing our advice and recommendations. McMasters' is a firm of professional consultants, not sales people. Our clients come first at all times. Sadly few other accounting and financial planning firms are able to make this claim. Our no commissions policy is critical to your client advisor relationships and we will not prejudice it under any circumstances.

Its easy to become a McMasters' client. Just contact us and make an appointment at one of our capital city offices. We then meet for two or three hours to discuss and settle a detailed financial plan covering your practice's legal structure, business strategy, taxation planning, superannuation planning, estate planning, investments, (commission free) insurances and other relevant matters. We then prepare a detailed statement of advice, including a calculation of the tax benefits of our strategies, and a detailed implementation plan. Our consultants then implement the plan for you, making sure everything is done properly and cost efficiently. This process is completed annually: your accounts and tax returns provide us with a base for an annual statement of advice process, which systematically considers all relevant issues and sets out a detailed plan for the coming 12 months. 

These processes mean each client receives expert advice each year on maximizing the after tax return from their practice and investment profile and to make sure all financial goals are met.

Integrating the accounting processes with the financial planning processes is the most cost efficient way of advising a doctor or dentist. 

Contact Amy Cropley on 03 9583 6533 and to arrange a meeting to discuss your financial future.

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To arrange a meeting to discuss your financial future contact:

Amy Cropley
03 9583 6533  

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Head Office: Melbourne
71 Tulip Street
Cheltenham Victoria 3192
PO Box 68 Sandringham
Victoria 3191
Telephone: 03 9583 6533
Facsimilie: 03 9583 6733

New Office
89 Yarra Street, Geelong 3220
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